Community Involvement

Nicaragua’s history has been culturally diverse, politically complex, and all too often ravaged by natural disasters. Yet despite facing adversity in the past, the country and its people have demonstrated an indefatigable resilience of character and spirit, and move ever forward.

Nicaragua Tourism

Tourism is an important foundation of Nicaragua’s bright future, and an industry that is poised to bring tremendous advances to the nation’s economy, cities, and transportation systems. It also has the potential to adversely impact Nicaragua’s historically unspoiled environment and inimitable culture, if not planned for and managed appropriately.

Local & National Nicaragua Community

At Pelican Eyes Resort, we take our role in the local and national community very seriously. It is our goal to be an active, vibrant, welcoming, and responsible member of the community of San Juan del Sur, and to extend this community with others by sharing the tremendous beauty, history, and adventure our country provides.

Fundación A. Jean Brugger

Fundacion A. Jean Brugger is a Non-Profit Organization established in 2000, whose mission is to create and promote programs in education and community development in San Juan del Sur, such as Student Sponsorship, Community Social Service, Teacher Sponsorship and School Supplies Distribution.

They have enable over 60 students graduate from college, helped implement 25 community service plans, sponsored 10 teachers and delivered over 3000 packets of school supplies.

Along with the sponsorship program Fundacion is proud to have an “Ancianos” (Senior Citizens) Program and a Baseball Camp Project several times every year.

As you can imagine, they are constantly seeking sponsors. Contact them today for more information on the students and teachers currently waiting for your support. There are many ways to contribute to their work, through financial and in-kind donations. For more information on any of the programs, feel free to find them on Facebook or reach them by email or telephone (505) 2563-7000 EXT.861.

Please view the following video to learn more:  In English | En Espanol

Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

Environmental Management (CRS Pelican Eyes) Paradise is in your hands …

Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa, located in one of the best and most beautiful beaches in southern Nicaragua “San Juan del Sur”, in the department of Rivas, run Environmental Management programs as follows:

1. Selection of solid and organic waste from the kitchen to produce compost: We are producing 200 bags of organic fertilizer every three months and producing 50 sacks of fertilizer type Bocashi each month. With this action we have reduced 50% of solid waste which they were being transported to the municipal landfill minimizing the environmental impact cushioning in San Juan del Sur.

2. Organic Garden: Now we have a vegetable and aromatic species garden located strategically close to the restaurants in order to make use of these to cook. This garden is treated 100% organically, including pest control where only biodegradable chemicals will be used.

3. Protect Wildlife in our facilities: Hunting or capturing animal species that coexist in the hotel is not allowed. Those programs have been working since 2005 when in partnership with Paso Pacífico around 50 small Green Iguana and 200 Adults were re-introduced in the ecosystem.

4. Working in Sustainability:  Currently we are in the process of measuring and / or checking the work done with Rainforest Alliance. This will allows us to improve environmental, social and economic practices. Its standard for tourism operations has been recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Through trainings and technical assistance, teaching and operating sustainably will check our progress towards this goal, Being Sustainable.

5. A Tourist, A Tree Program: We have a nursery of 1000 plants with natural forest species of the area and ornamental plants. We have planted around 1500 between forest and ornamental plants in the hotel, running from January to May this year.

6. Alliance with VICAL SA: We collaborate with the selection of glass, making separation of garbage. Then Vical dispose of the material to be recycled.

To conclude with the imminent threat of climate change, preserving the environment is a priority because trees act against global warming absorbing CO2, gas air with greenhouse properties and also provide other important environmental services: food and shelter for insects and birds.

Therefore our contribution is to take actions focused on recovering part of the original landscape with our Reforestation Plan, reuse our waste, reduce the effects of erosion by wind and water, improving our spaces and combating the heat island effect in cities.


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