Local Adventure

Canopy Tour

Join us on a wild Nicaraguan adventure ride to the top of nearby San Juan del Sur mountain. Once you reach the top, you strap on your harness, put on a helmet and experience the adrenaline rush as you make your way down the mountain and over the forest, passing over a 70-meter wide canyon. Be sure to look for howler monkeys as you sail though the air!

Hiking & Horseback Riding

The mountains surrounding San Juan del Sur bay are great for hiking. We can point you to the Cross (La Cruz), to the lighthouse (El Faro) or to several neighboring beaches. We can also coordinate guided hikes for you. You can also experience the terrain and beauty surrounding San Juan del Sur on guided horseback tours. Perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.

Panga Tours

“Panga” is the local term for a small outboard motor boat. The Pangas are canopy covered, providing some sun protection, and are available for hire to explore the phenomenal coastline and pristine beaches, stopping along the way for a swim, a picnic, or for a bit of low key fishing.

Sailing Excursion

Enjoy a day of sailing aboard ‘Pelican Eyes’, the jewel yacht of our resort. You will have the opportunity to explore the pristine Nicaraguan coastline, peek at a myriad of secluded bays, capture glimpses of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and perhaps catch a mahi-mahi or two – all while you relax, soak up some sun, and enjoy our local fare and refreshing rum punch. Learn more about our sailing trips.


Visit the traditional central market, or shop with the many vendors on the beach and waterfront.

Spanish Classes

Enhance your vacation – make it a true Central American cultural experience! There are many Spanish language schools in town that offer expert instruction with courses specifically designed for travelers and explorers. They also offer cultural activities, homestays and much more!


From beginning surf experiences, women-only surfing, to the classic surfing day, we can make it happen during your visit. The water here is warm, the surf breaks un-crowded with waves to suit all levels. We work with some of the best surf companies in Latin America to provide a full range of surfing experiences.

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